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E-commerce Marketing Strategy: 3 Email Campaign Your Store Needs

E-commerce marketers have come up with different kinds of strategies that help their businesses increase the sales. These strategies would include the use of social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, Google shopping ads etc. However email automation is the only strategy that can give benefits such as rapid generation of revenues, nurtures repeat buyers and leverages automation. The following three email workflows will guarantee a change in the sales. 

1. Holiday promotion resend

Holiday seasons are the best time for e-commerce businesses as they can have more frequent emails to all the customers. However there may not be any guarantee whether the holiday promotions are successful or not. Holiday promotion resends can help e-commerce businesses. An article by Noah Kagan showed a hack to increase the opening rates of email campaigns. To do this simply take the same email and change the subject line to something different and a week later send it to all the users who did not open the email in the first place.

An average worker in the US receives around 121 emails, so there is a possibility that some emails regarding sales are not opened.  Thus this campaign will help a maximum number of people to read to them emails regarding the e-commerce business. Firstly entrepreneurs should choose a sale that lasts for a couple of days. By doing this users will have time to read the first email, before the second can be sent. Then during special occasions, like black Friday and Christmas the sales can go on even when the occasion is over. It is important to have an efficient online shopping cart system, you can use a platform such as Shopity to do this.

2. Upgraded cart abandonment recovery

When a customer adds a certain product to their shopping cart and then leaves without purchasing it, it is vital to follow up with that person. Cart abandonments are a growing issue for the e-commerce business, one of the ways to solve this problem is to use as many reminders as possible. Soundest shows that three reminder emails regarding cart abandonment brings about 131% more orders than one email. There are about 14 possibilities that users use as reasons for cart abandonment. To overcome this problem, businesses should use drips “done-for-you campaign blue print” which helps tackle these issues. Moreover if businesses decide to use center they can sync their email list to Facebook custom audience to increase the advertisements of the sales. Through this option firms can target their audience through emails and Facebook ads and creating as much awareness regarding their sales as possible.

3. Upgraded Order Confirmation

An article showed that transactional emails don’t always have to be formal with a serious tone. Instead of being a boring email, an email can be a bit goofy as well once in a while. The tone of transactional emails is quite important as they get significantly higher openings as compared to regular marketing emails. Firms need to pay attention to their email strategy. They could use emails like an email written by Derek Sivers which was known as the most successful email he ever wrote.

If the subject line and the first 80% of the email is transactional, firms can add an offer in the final 20% of the email. Email marketing is a key factor for a successful ecommerce business. Emails being sent can also have a “share with your friend” option, this way customers can share the important emails regarding shopping sales and promotions with their friends. This will not only give them personal satisfaction but it will also help increase the sales of the business. In the next 4 years the e-commerce sales are said to be doubled, thus this is the best time to increase the email lists.

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